The Best Tools for Every Type of Makeup Girlie- Floor, Vanity, Bathroom & More

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The Best Tools for Every Type of Makeup Girlie- Floor, Vanity, Bathroom & More

Doing your makeup is akin to a modern day art form. From the very first flick of your mascara or stroke of your eyeshadow brush to the final spritz of your setting spray or swipe of your lip gloss, every step involved in the process involves careful concentration. Mastery of the craft is attained only through years of experience (and unsuccessfully trying to follow countless YouTube tutorials), and if you've reached this point in your face-painting journey, you'll have an immediate answer that pops in your head when we ask, "What makeup girlie are you?"

According to the internet, there are a few different types of makeup girlies. There are the floor makeup girlies, who swear by doing their makeup with the natural light filtering through their bedroom windows. There are the bathroom makeup girlies, who are unparalleled in their skills for balancing beauty tools on the edges of their bathroom sinks. There are also the desk & vanity makeup girlies, who sit down with their beauty arsenal laid out like a map in front of them. Finally, there are the on-the-go makeup girlies, who hold the secret to achieving the perfect winged liner no matter when or where they're doing their makeup.

Anyways, no matter what makeup girlie you might identify with, we've got the best tools to help you up your game and achieve flawless glam each & every time.

Best Tools for Floor Makeup Girlies

Winsome Alden Bed Tray

Keep all your makeup organized and within easy reach with this nifty bed tray. It's built with foldable legs, along with a hidden pull-out drawer underneath the surface for extra storage space.


Xce Bathtub Caddy Tray Expandable

This expandable caddy tray is another great option for floor makeup girlies for a number of reasons. The book tablet rest is perfect for propping up a mirror, and the two side trays have just enough space to place your beauty products on. You can even place a cup or jar for storing your brushes on the built-in mug slot (or, y'know, use it for your morning coffee). Another plus side of this setup is that you can easily pick it all up and move elsewhere (depending on the light, for instance).


Deweisn Folding Lighted Makeup Mirror

Speaking of which, this folding mirror is an ideal choice for floor makeup girlies because it lights up, is super portable, and even props itself up for hands-free usage. You can toggle between three brightness modes and three color lights.


Avocahom 14-Position Cushioned Adjustable Floor Chair

As a former floor makeup girlie, one of the banes of my beauty routine was my achy back — until I bought a floor chair. This cushioned option features 14 different reclining angles ranging from a fully upright position (90°) to completely flat (180°), which also makes it easy to discretely store away.


Best Tools for Bathroom Makeup Girlies

Sink Topper Compact Foldable with Hanging Loop

Now, as a current bathroom makeup girlie, I've come to realize that the main struggle I face is the lack of countertop space. This genius solution addresses exactly that — the Sink Topper can hold up to seven pounds of weight and is available in two sizes (& three colors). Plus, it can handle temperatures up to 480°F, and it even has a textured surface that's designed to help you clean your makeup brushes.


Joligrace Makeup Train Case

I learned far too late that it's not advisable to store your makeup tools and products in your bathroom, where it can get quite warm & humid (hello, mold). This train case is great for storing your beauty products and easily transporting them to and from your bathroom. It's as practical as it is stylish, with multiple layers of trays & storage, stain-proof film, lockable functionality, and even a built-in mirror.


Wowbox Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer Set

Or, if your bathroom drawers are the only space you have to keep your beauty products, this set of clear organizers will help you keep everything organized. They come various sizes, colors, and quantities. In addition, they feature a nonslip interior, stackable design, and support points.


Tabyik Small Dehumidifer

This bestselling dehumidifier will help you manage some of the mugginess that's in your bathroom air that makes storing your tools (and doing your makeup in the bathroom) such a hassle at times. The gadget features a transparent tank where you can see the water collection volume in real time, along with a groove design at the bottom of the tank for easy disposal & cleaning.

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Best Tools for Desk & Vanity Makeup Girlies

Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights & Magnification

I used to be a desk makeup girlie back in college, when all the space I had to do my makeup was the desk in my dimly lit dorm. This light-up vanity mirror was my lifesaver back then — it's decked out three different magnification panels, light-up functionality, and adjustable brightness. Plus, it disassembles for easy travel or storage.


Wecheng Divided Makeup Palette Organizer

Keep your beauty tools organized on your desk with this nifty organizer. It has seven divided compartments for your eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks & other small items.


Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Or, if you want to take your organization game to the next level, this acrylic option is perfect for you. It's available in different sizes and colorways, and the tiered design helps save precious desk/vanity space.


Watpot Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizer

Organize your brushes, eyeliners, and other tools with this three-slotted organizer. It's made from durable, crystal-clear acrylic, and it's the perfect option for those working with limited counter space (or who are sick of their brushes rolling around hazardously every time they're set down).


Best Tools for On-the-Go Makeup Girlies

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Cosmetic & Makeup Bag Organizer

"Lay-n-go" with this practical drawstring cosmetic bag that's the ultimate travel companion for makeup girlies who are always on the go. Just open the drawstring to lay all your beauty tools flat on the ground (while keeping them clean) and easily pull it closed when you're finished & ready to move.


Kintion 1X/3X Magnification LED Compact Travel Makeup Mirror

Instead of squinting at your phone's front camera the next time you're doing you makeup on the go, try reaching for this compact travel mirror instead. It's equipped with a 1x and 3X magnifying mirror, along with a hidden switch to control the LED lighting.


Vanexiss Car Sun Visor Vanity Mirror

Or, if you find yourself doing your makeup in the car often, this portable vanity mirror is a worthwhile investment. It includes three color lighting modes and seamless dimming functionality, and it comes with straps that easily install onto most sun visors.


Momira Makeup Bag with Mirror and Light

One Amazon shopper accurately described this makeup bag as a "portable vanity." It comes with a removable & adjustable sponge divider for easy organization, exterior waterproof construction, and a built-in mirror with various reclining angles and light-up functionality.


Perfuny Travel Makeup Brush Holder

Keep your makeup brushes dust-free and organized on the go with this top-rated silicone travel holder. The adjustable flap cover ensures that your brushes won't spill out into your purse, and the textured interior doubles as a brush cleaning tool.


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